Monday, December 15, 2008

Why did the egytains use heiroglyphics?

The heiroglyphics are pictures that stand for sound used in many languages. Now question, why would so many languages use heiroglyphics? The word heiroglyphics even has a meaning like whoa how can a word that stands for words mean something. Well the word heiroglyphics itself means holy word. Okay holy word so the words are holy. Yes indead they are holy words to the gods. Did you know that over time the words of heiroglyphics turned into letters. When I first saw a heiroglyphic I thought whou these people have way to much time on there hands.

What is a cartouch?

A cartochuch is a very royal kind of name but anyone can do it. It is just a way to simply show your name.

Did heiroglyphics used to be words?

Yes actually they still do stand for words but we use letters because there were too many words so we simplified them to make it easier to write and not have to remeber tons of words.

What do heiroglyphics stand for?

Hieroglyphs actually stand for sounds of creatures so my question is how does a vulture say a I thought that was the canadians? Well the vulture is not a canadian but it is not a that it says it says aaaaa
which is spelled with a's so they made that a.

Why are heiroglyphics pictures?

Hieroglphys are pictures because they are holy words that the egytains believed they could talk to the gods through them.

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